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Think Better. Do Better.
Anna Lee

Welcome to Think Better. Do Better.

Thinking skills that help you do and be better. At everything.

About TBDB

As the owner of a human brain, you've no doubt noticed that our most complex organ derails, distracts and deceives us in a multitude of ways. From underestimating how long it will take to empty our inbox,  to convincing us that a new job/car/relationship will bring lasting happiness, our brain's shenanigans frequently lead us to sabotage our own best interests with procrastination, poor decision-making, and/or inaction.

TBDB draws on the fields of neuroscience, psychology and behaviour design to explore the tools, techniques, hacks and workarounds that can help us mitigate against our brains' misdemeanours so that we can think and do better in every domain of our lives.

Why join TBDB?

If you sometimes (maybe often?!) struggle to close the gap between the person you are and the person you want to be - TBDB will help you build a bridge - and walk across it.

The tools and techniques we use are almost all the work of far greater minds than ours, and we are by no means exemplars of their use – but our aim is improvement, not perfection! We hope you’ll join us in our quest to turn our longing to be better into being better – for ourselves, our communities and our world.

About us

We’re a brother and sister team. Together, we run Leed Consulting, a leadership and organisational development consultancy in Adelaide, Australia. TBDB was born from our long-held fascination in the gap between what people know is worth doing, and what they *actually* do. You can read more about us on the TBDB website

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